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Saturday, 8 March 2008

charlie potatoes...I mean photos

Well, I have made a shepherd's pie. As per the dreaded 'programme' I had to make it in stages - in fact I probably should have broken it up even more, because I could feel my symptoms growling at me at certain points. I'm supposed to stop before they do that. Snaffle, snaffle. I have written as much of the sketch as I can manage today. Since Andy is watching the rugby (two lots) I decided to upload some photos (see additions to previous entry of our little walk). As I said to Andy a couple of days ago, 'I can't be bothered to download the potatoes. I mean upload the potatoes. Oh for goodness sake!' You'll be glad to know I can now say 'photos' without it coming out as 'potatoes' - at least I assume so. I could run downstairs and check with Andy, but he is, as I said, watching the rugby and probably wouldn't notice either way! I have no idea why, by the way. I had no reason on earth to think of potatoes.

Anyway (such a necessary word, when you are me).

I shall post the pics of Charlie now, so here are my Charlie potatoes. Er.

As I probably mentioned, he was in his indoor cage this past week.

So cute.

Charlie loves it when you put your hand under his chin. He goes totally dopey...

...He'll stay like it as long as you do...of course he likes it even better when you stroke his nose with your other hand. Unfortunately I needed that hand to hold the camera!

Behind the ears is nice, too.

Now, he gets out of the cage, and the problem starts. Because Charlie moves. And moves.




Now, really, Charlie.

Not that way!


Now, some slightly clearer pictures...

Woo hoo! There I go!

At last, relaxing in his favourite spot.

Dozing happily, although perhaps wondering 'when is she going to get that camera out of my face?!'



Anonymous said...

Charlie, you are a very handsome bunny! You remind me of my cats when I get the camera out. Just try and take a picture before they move! *sigh*

I enjoyed the entry.
Very cute.

I've done that word thing before. Very annoying. You know what you want to say and something totally different comes out and you don't have a clue why.
Hugs, Tiggs

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I'm having a cuteness seizure now. Love, love, LOVE that Charlie!


Jenette said...

He's so cute!

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