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Friday, 28 March 2008


It was a wet trip to town this morning. My umbrella blew inside out twice. People without umbrellas stared with some trepidation at those of us with them (with good reason - in order to not have the umbrella blow inside out you had to hold it at a particular angle, sometimes right in front of your face. Who can see where they're going with an umbrella in front of them?) Those with umbrellas collided with the others, leading to lots of Britishness: "Ooops! Sorry!", "Complicated, isn't it?!" "Isn't the weather terrible?" "Yes, it's absolutely appalling!" Finally after both giving each other mild concussions and avoiding having your eyes poked out, the umbrellas decide to behave and you can continue walking.

And that is all I have to talk about, because I'm going to bed.

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