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Wednesday, 7 May 2008


My word. It is extremely warm. I have changed into a skirt, which is always a momentous occasion, since I don't wear skirts until the temperature has reached a certain level. Well, when it's cold they're drafty.

We had a nice day with Andy's parents today, the weather being gorgeous. I would say more, and post a couple of photos, but I have just worn myself out playing the guitar and don't have the energy now. Have not played the guitar for ages. Sang a couple of my songs (the ones I could remember the chords to) and it felt good. (My finger tips, however, are complaining.) I need to write some more. I still want to find a way to record some, just for my own benefit (I have a feeling my mum and dad would like it too!) I think I shall have to use a computer but I haven't got any other equipment, apart from some free recording software. Perhaps I could build up gradually. Ask for a proper microphone for my birthday or something.

Mmm. Anyway. Headachy, as usual. Are these pills going to work soon, I wonder. I know, the doctor said it could take a year. Bleah.

Energy levels: 6/10
Headache: medium, increasing to high


lynn said...

Hello hello - seeing as we swap widgety ideas, how did you do your little personal comment above the comment box? That's so cool!

Sorry to hear you have been more headachey today Luce, praying for you on this, your momentous skirt day.

Lucy said...

I took a moment to work out what you meant! I think I know...Under customise go to settings, then comments, and then there is a box for 'comment form message'. Ta da!

I have had another skirt day...I went to church in one (wow). Fell just below my knees. I'm not keen on my knees. My grandfather once won a knobbly knee contest. Hmmm. Mine aren't really knobbly, I just wish they were slightly smaller. How vain of me!!!

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