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Thursday, 3 July 2008

a brief note

This will probably be my last entry for a while; mum and dad arrive tomorrow and I need to busy myself with various things.

Thought I'd better do my ratings...will try to remember to do them elsewhere but we all know I'm useless at remembering things. Am hoping my physio routine will be kept up; I associate places with doing things so it will require more discipline - the temptation to have a holiday from everything normal must be suppressed unless I want to be headache central the entire time!! Praying everything goes smoothly and gently.

Need to clean Ernie's tank now so mum and dad only have to feed him. He's currently going bananas behind me; he gets very excited whenever we're around (especially when we pick up his food pot). He's developed the occasional habit of thrusting his lower lip against the glass, making a tiny thunk sound. And who says goldfish don't have character?!


Today so far: 5/10, medium
Yesterday: 5/10, medium low

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