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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Day 2: St Abb's Head

Lazy morning. Went up to the Scottish Borders and to St Abb's head - walked a little way, not too far as Andy gave his ankle a bit of a twist. Had lunch in car before walking on. Still a fair distance considering Andy's ankle! Every now and then a vole dashed across the path in front. Saw guillemots, razorbills, gannets, cormorants, kestrels, terns, chaffinches, fulmars, other gulls, linnet, & skylarks.

Heaven's opened for walk back - absolutely drenched. Kept muttering about the sogginess of jeans and the need to get myself some waterproof (or at least fast drying) trousers.
Checked location of Berwick train station for future reference, stopped at Morrisons, where we got some 'Mackies of Scotland' honeycomb ice cream - oh my word is it gorgeous. Back to cottage.

Evening - short wander around the area of Holy Island Causeway (under water at the time). Curlews, herons, mysterious bird with very bizarre twisting and tumbling flight - possibly a curlew sandpiper from flight description?!

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