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Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I am currently enjoying some 'family time' including time with my nephews Josh and Sam...Sam, 2, seems to think 'oosey' is flavour of the month, which is sweet - 'oosey' being me, of course!! We have several very sincere conversations, and he likes doing whatever I do. If I take my jumper or coat off, he wants to do the same thing. Takes some time to interpret his speech of course - e.g. fish, beach and itch all sound the same. He knows exactly when you understand him and when you don't, so I can't get away with just nodding and smiling like you can when they are younger. He repeats himself until you get it - finally - and repeat it back to him. We saw some ducks and swans today and he found the way the swans put their heads under the water absolutely hilarious. The attention is exhausting but delightful - during my rest stop earlier I could hear him running round calling 'OOSEY? Oosey gone?'

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