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Monday, 6 October 2008

water, water everywhere?

After scrupulously developing the habit of turning off the tap while brushing my teeth, it is discouraging to learn that Starbucks are wasting around 23 million litres of water a day because company policy states that a certain tap has to be left on all day for health and safety reasons. (According to this, the amount wasted per day would "quench the thirst of the entire population of drought-stricken Namibia"). Apparently it is done to stop germs building up around the tap.

Hello? Have you not heard of cleaning? Surely a policy for regular cleaning of said tap would be eminently more sensible than this madness. I would think it would be less wasteful of the world's resources to hire someone simply to clean the tap, so ridiculous does this seem to me. Put them on water metering please...maybe the money going down the drain will matter more to them than the water does.

water, water everywhere
and not a drop to drink
you may find that the whole supply
has gone down Starbucks' sink

(forgive the alteration to the original)

I have to suspect some Starbucks employees must think this mad - perhaps some kind of Turn The Tap Off rebellion day is in order.

Frankly, I find it ridiculous - and irresponsible.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap---if the employees don't do anything about it, the consumers should--like say...protest said habit?!?!? Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Could you send me an email sarahflowers007 at I have a question for you and a link to send you. We have some friends visiting Europe very soon and some that live there. Let me know.

Tricia said...

It's news like this that makes me glad I'm not a coffee drinker.

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