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Thursday, 4 December 2008

thankful for love

We spent yesterday at my parents. My Dad is doing quite well with his hip, although he looks pale and weary and is still suffering the effects of having a general anaesthetic and coming off morphine. He can feel fairly bright, and then suddenly feel terrible again. He was very pleased to see us, as was my mum. My parents are always pleased to see us.

I was pondering on the way home last night how grateful I am for my parents. I am absolutely assured of their love for me, and that sort of knowledge gives you strength. Knowing that somewhere out there someone loves you fiercely, unconditionally, is a beautiful thing. I cannot imagine not knowing there are those people in my life. Of course this gives me moments of sheer terror at the idea of losing them - but there is no way I would ever want the bond between us to be anything than what it is.

Of course, this brings to mind someone else who loves me fiercely and unconditionally and even more - who will never be lost to me. Sometimes though, I wish, in a childlike way, that he had physical arms to wrap around me...

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Tricia said...

You're very blessed to have parents like that. I feel the same way about Mike - unconditional love is wonderful.

And I totally understand about wanting those physical arms to hold you. Faith is rough like that sometimes. We just have to keep looking ahead to the time when we *will* feel those arms (which is sometimes easier said than done!).

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster