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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

memory lane: more snapshots

I remember...the house in which I spent the first 11 years of my life. It was a big house, with high ceilings and many rooms (I was the youngest of 5, and my grandmother also lived with us).

I remember...the big, drafty sash windows with which we used little wedges to stop them rattling on a windy day.

I remember...the wind coming under the front door and lifting up the hall carpet in billows - and me sitting on it, wishing that I was feather light and could be lifted up with it.

I remember...the huge curtain I used to roll myself up and hide.

I remember...the fire that was lit at Christmas and I would lie on my tummy and gaze into the flames.

I remember...pretending the staircases were waterfalls in one huge imaginary landscape.

I remember...the gong that hung outside the kitchen door, to summon us to dinner - 'Mummy can I bang the gong puhleeese...'

I remember...the Christmas trees that were sown in a row in our garden, and that the last of them needed its head chopped off to fit (and remember there were high ceilings!)

I remember...trying to persuade my 'youngest' sister (10 years older than me), to join in my imaginary games, and having fits of giggles.

I remember...the excitement of when my brother set up his railway on the floor of his room, and looking at all the tiny figures and buildings, while the trains raced around the track.

I remember...Bonnie the black Labrador whining at the back door, wanting to come into the kitchen.

I also remember...Bonnie rushing up to me when I had fallen down the stairs, sniffing me to see if I was hurt.

I remember...the sound of my grandmother (Nanny) playing her piano.

I mother laying out all her seed trays and tending the seedlings.

I sister Debbie coming downstairs wearing a face mask and being silly - much to my delight.

I remember...the strange quietness after bedtime, and the eerie hugeness of the dark.

I remember...the freezing winter mornings, when Mum brought in an old fan heater so I could stand in front of it while I got dressed for school...and she huffed into my socks to make them warm.

I remember...many other moments, but I will save those for another time...


Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

What a sweet memory list. Thank you for sharing!

Pamela in TX

Verna said...

Childhood memories! Very sweet. We all should take time to reflect and remember.

Have a great day.

Kristin said...

Those are great memories, especially the one about blowing into your socks to make them warm! Love that!

Linda said...

Hi Lucy, I enjoyed your "rememberings",...(Smile)

I liked the part about sitting on the rug by the door, in the hallway and wishing you were light enough to to be lifted up as the wind blew under the door. That would be like a magic carpet ride huh!

Silly times like your sister in a facial mask,...and all of the giggles. Grandma playing the piano, Christmases,the roaring fire in the fireplace, the family dog! Many wonderful memories,...thanks for sharing them with us. I almost felt like I was there with you.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ms. Wanda said...

Hi, I just stopped in your site is beautiful! Thank you, you have made me remember my own memories:)

Tricia said...

It sounds like a wonderful childhood. Banging the gong for dinner reminds me of what my parents used to use to get me to come back from exploring the creek behind our house - a cow bell! That signalled dinner for me. Must be why I'm so attracted to cows now. LOL!

Holly said...

I loved hearing about the place where you used to live. I pictured everything you described in my head. :)

Sheryl said...

wow, those are some wonderful memories! i wonder how much i would remember if i really focused on the remembering.

sounds like a house full of love!

Sally-Ann said...

I loved your list! You discribed everything so well, I felt like I was there with you!

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Sweet memories, thanks for sharing. :)

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I did "snapshots" today too! I loved your brief word pictures. Thank you for sharing.

could you also share with me how you did your label thing on the left side bar?

kathryn.bonnett @

Sarah Robbins said...

Thanks for sharing- just popping over from Lynette's!

Loren Christie said...

Lucy, This is beautiful!

Kate said...

What wonderful memories! Some of the images reminded me of Peter Pan.

bunnits said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. They are wonderful.It gave me an opportunity to enjoy some of my own as well as yours.

angeljoy said...

I remember a heater in our room (kerosene maybe?) and a table fan on top to help "spread the warmth". I remember hearing the vibrations of the fan as it oscillated back and forth on top of the heater. We went to sleep to that hum many a night.
Love your remembrances. They spark my own.

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