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Friday, 22 May 2009

now you see me... you don't.

My blog is not appearing properly on Internet Explorer, so hello to Firefox users (have not yet tried with Google Chrome). Believe it is something to do with 'Mr Linky' gadget; I have removed everything to do with this but no joy so far... Somewhat frustrating but I gather I am not the only one.

Hoping to resume normal service soon..

If you're on IE and can see this, let me know :)


Bren said...

I use firefox and all is usually well when I visit your blog. I have issues while in 'new posting' mode.

Hope to see you and running soon!!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog.
I am new to the blog world, but have seen the miracle of the blogging community and prayer in the last two days. Hope you will stop by my blog and pray for little Maggie.

Lisa said...

I use Google Chrome and have had no problems.

Sheryl said...

i use i.e. and am able to read this. i know that blogger was having issues for the past couple of days, but looks like you're good to go.

Tricia said...

I was having difficulty for a while (being kicked out of the blog because Explorer was "unable" to show the page, but it seems like things are okay now. Well, for the next five minutes, anyway, LOL!

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