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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

pausing in the sea of write something else

Today I am going over all my current writing projects, adjusting, proofreading and updating them. It's nice to get into it again after a busy weekend.  Preaching on Sunday morning seemed to go well, at least the responses I had were positive.  I enjoyed it because my own preparation fuelled excitement about the topic - Jesus before all things, and as always the exercise means that I learn myself, encouraging myself to think deeply and ponder hard on the nature of God and his role in my life.

What amuses me is that we all pull some very frowny faces when we listen to a speaker.  I'm quite sure I do it myself. The speaker has to remember that, otherwise s/he can get a little bit anxious about how it's all being received!  I always try and identify myself with my listeners, as I consider myself a constant learner in life, and hardly feel able to tell people what they should think or do.  Instead I try and show what I would like to be and show in my life, and try and take them with me.

Right.  Back to work.  Or possibly lunch, looking at the clock...


Mistakes Writers Make said...

I imagine the frowny faces we wear when listening to a speaker aren't too dissimilar to those we wear when reading a writer! I've always wanted to 'catch' someone reading my work, partly for this very reason, just to see whether they're concentrating, or looking interested, or looking disinterested... still hasn't happened!

All the best, Alex

Lucy said...

Yes that would be interesting...although I admit when someone is reading my 'stuff' in front of me I usually leave the room. I come back later for the verdict!

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster