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Sunday, 3 October 2010

a poem a day...?

Thursday is National Poetry Day here in the UK (this year's theme: 'Home'). This makes me want to engage is some blog themed poetry-ness. (Or should that be poetry themed blog-ness?)
A poem a day, perhaps? A Monday to Thursday poetry fest? Can I set myself the challenge of writing a poem a day? And what will it be like? And will I manage to balance it with neurologist's appointments and nutritionist phone calls and JW bible studies and other stories?

Perhaps they could be short and sweet:

Dear doctor, can I make it plain?
I'm not sure I even have a brain.

Or fanciful:

Oh! Ephemeral beauty hanging evanescent over a dreamless sky...

...or maybe not.

Still, it's a thought. For those writers who have recently confined themselves to prose, or like me, focused on non-fiction, a little poetic probing may be of benefit (and possibly painful, by the sounds of it).

Dare I suggest it? Not necessarily all in keeping with the theme 'home', but certainly classified as some kind of poem.

Watch this space, it may just become poetic.

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