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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

stretching the muscles

Today have been trying to exercise writing muscles gently after a few days busy doing other things.  Focused mainly on a couple of poems which I'm hoping to submit to competitions - not that I've ever won a poetry competition in my life, but still, it's worth a try.  Still pondering over my next poetry collection after  Fragile World - can't decide whether to do the same again or  to approach an actual publisher.  Unlikely to succeed - poetry is a hard sell.  But I'd like to start collating some poems for it anyway, including ones from this blog.  Any favourites? I want to use this one to raise money for the women of the Congo - those who are victims of the awful atrocities and sexual violence that we wince to hear about.

I am also trying to get to grips with water and sanitation again - this will be my fourth or fifth re-write.  It's not proving easy to find a market but it's a subject I think is so important.  Seriously, neglecting these things has a knock-on effect on all areas of development.

Now, however, I think it's time to wind down.  Have another crunch-click-cringe remedial massage tomorrow.  As usual, I need it, although I have been trying to re-invigorate my stretching regime to compliment the pummelling this week.  Sounds such fun, doesn't it?  But I actually enjoy the fact she's actually getting to the problem places - it's a relief more than anything.  Finding and recognising the problem enables us to actually work at it, in whatever area of our lives.

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