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Saturday, 6 August 2011

God is pleased he made you

A WEEK has hurtled past while I wasn't looking.  Well, I was looking, but not in this direction!  Although frequently thoughts have come to mind which were eminently bloggable they have not, alas, been blogged.

It's been a busy week, and overall a positive one with fair amounts of interaction.  I started it in a good frame of mind after the affirming nature of last weekend.  On the Sunday morning it was said: "God is pleased he made you", and for some reason that hit me rather hard; I felt as if something fractured inside me.  Got rather sniffly.  I think half the time we feel that God may have been pleased with the initial "making" but we are unsure - is he still now, with all our missed opportunities, half-hearted attempts and apathy?  God is pleased he made you.  I heard another word behind the sentence in my head: God is still pleased he made you.  I actually felt quite convicted - and during our time of confession offered up any unhealthy self-recrimination and asked forgiveness for it - and came away feeling released.

Felt a rush of courage at various points in the week, and at one point murmured a prayer of thanks for it - and at that moment glanced at my notice board where I had pinned my New Year prayer (my substitute for resolutions this year) which asked specifically for courage. I realised that despite all the inevitable hiccups of being me and being human, I have grown in confidence this year.

So - a busy week, but a positive one.  Obviously peppered with pieces of exhaustion but the good has outweighed the bad.

And if you're feeling a bit useless or disappointed with your life remember this: God is pleased he made you.    

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