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Monday, 10 October 2011

moving day for looking deeper

I'm taking the plunge and am moving to  There are a few challenges and limitations involved in doing this which have made me somewhat reluctant but I'm hoping it will work out!

Hopefully, you won't have to do much if you are subscribed to a feed through feedburner or via networked blogs, as they will be changed to the new address.  But please do subsitute the new address - - as and where you need.  Obviously any blog rolls or lists will need changing.

If you subscribe via Google Friend Connect and read my blog on Blogger dashboard, you will need to go into dashboard and 'add' the URL so that it comes up there - but that shouldn't take long, so hopefully you will want to make the effort to do that!

Apologies for any blips or bloopers that may take place during the changeover.

See you over at the new looking deeper!

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