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Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Sometimes life baffles me. Not in the big things ("overwhelm" would be more the word), but the little things. Most of all, I am baffled by what I mean by saying that in the first place. Well, never mind.

* * *

I was informed by someone who gives me a regular massage for my painful shoulders to go to my GP and see if I could have some physiotherapy. If not, the state of my right shoulder could get quite serious and cause me I go to my GP and am informed, very pleasantly, that an NHS physiotherapist could not do much for me as they only take serious cases.
So -
  • I need physiotherapy on my shoulder to stop it getting worse
  • I can't have physiotherapy (at least on the NHS) unless it gets worse.

Ah, well. I suppose I shall have to find someone myself.

* * *

I feel vaguely like writing a humorous poem. However, the 'humorous poem writing' part of my brain is not, currently, responding.

Such is life.

* * *


like the rain

on my face

as if the cool touch

would overcome

sore hearts

and clouded minds


See? Not humorous at all. In fact, I don't even know what I'm saying.

* * *

I have just cleaned out the fish tank.

* * *

Sometimes life baffles me.

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