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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Your Wife is a Big Hippo!

I love reading, but there are times, when after a'run' of reading good books, I suddenly feel...stagnant. I feel...bleah, and don't feel inspired to read anything. Ironically, I still feel like reading. And so it inevitably happens. To banish the 'bleah' blues I go to the book shelf and pull out a Pratchett (which sounds somewhat like 'pick up a penguin', but doesn't involve eating, unless you have a taste for paper). It is very hard to feel 'bleah' when you are frequently forced to titter.

I was sniggering over Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett when Andy came into the room.
'Your wife is a big hippo!' I crowed with delight.
Thankfully Andy has read Interesting Times and hopefully understood the context. After all, it occured to me afterwards, I am his wife, and although I'm not entirely sure I could still fit comfortably into my wedding dress, I would not even compare myself to a small hippo, let alone a big one.*

*Of course, anyone reading this who has not read the book in question will be suitably perplexed. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Quick! More boiling oil!

Lucy said...

I would like to eat your foot!

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