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Thursday, 24 January 2008

more on guinea pigs

All is well, and the pair of them have defied gloomy expectation and recovered from the procedure. To be honest, I didn't really doubt they would. The one worry is that this is a trait which will regularly re-occur - in rabbits this procedure can be done regularly, bi-monthly even, but repeated anaesthesia is not advisable in guinea pigs, and not, the vet implied, worth it if it became obvious there was no end to it. I'm hoping I'm not put in such a position, to put a sick and suffering animal to sleep is one thing, to choose to put a healthy animal down would be quite abhorrent for me. The other factor which is a hateful factor is the cost, it is expensive and we are not in a position to afford it on a regular basis. I am hoping to find some tips at how to keep the back teeth in trim, although they already have crunchy food and plenty of hay. Front teeth can be managed easily enough, but it is the back teeth that are the issue. I do hope it doesn't re-occur, and definitely not soon. It's all a bit distressing.

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