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Monday, 4 February 2008

when life stinks, laugh at it

Have a perpetual headache. Doctor says nothing is seriously wrong with me. 'It's all fine inside your head,' he informed me. 'Well, that's good,' I replied jovially. (Andy says later - 'He obviously doesn't know you very well.') I am always stupidly cheerful at those sort of occasions. If I'm having an even worse time, it's hard to stop me making jokes every five minutes. He also suggested I might have fibromyalgia whereupon I raised my eyebrows at him. The last thing I need is another illness which only half the world believes in. Dear Lord, am I not sweet and sympathetic enough?!! Do I need yet more training? Saw Sarah recently and we roared with laughter over misery, suffering and life not going how we wanted it. Was highly therapeutic. When life stinks, laugh at it. Laugh at it so hard it feels insulted and forgets to be stinky for a while.

Guinea pig wise Molly is under anaesthetic again. She is not doing very well. I am waiting for prognosis.

Did the Big Garden Birdwatch Saturday before last. Wasn't very prepared and got a crick in the neck. However, after bemoaning we never have a single finch in our garden, went slightly apopletic with excitement when a pair of goldfinches arrived. Would not have known that's what they were if I hadn't beeen sitting there with my binoculars; they were slightly silhouetted against the morning sky. Charged into bedroom where Andy having a well deserved lie in. He was very noble about it but would have preferred I hadn't. Came back and they flew away, just to show how silly I am. Since then we have had the occasional chaffinch. Hurrah! (Does anyone say hurrah! except the Famous Five?)

Am giving up 'playing on computer' for Lent, which includes any silly time wastingness. Check for / reply to messages, write blog if desired, look up information if essential. Am not allowed to do anything else. Interesting, as I often come online when I'm tired and on my own. Still, there was a world before technology was there not? I shall have to draw blue tits or something. Goldfinches, if they ever come back. Last night I tried to design a rabbit hutch. Gave up after a while as was sure I could never get round to building the thing.Isn't my life interesting?!!

PS. Remember to laugh.

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