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Thursday, 14 February 2008

last word on guinea pigs

Every now and then these past ten days I have almost written something, but then not got around to it after all.

Firstly, the guinea pigs - Molly was put down last Friday. My mum rang this morning to say that Dinah is now doing very badly too, losing weight, still can't eat, not even producing droppings. So she is taking her to the vet and doubts she will come back. I rather wanted to have a last cuddle with Dinah, prepared as I was for this eventuality. So I am sad about that - such cheerful little creatures. As I have been ill and limited in my activity I suppose I was even more attached to them because they cheered me so much on my bad days. But I won't get any more. Not here, not now. I will arrange for Charlie (the rabbit) to come home very soon.

Ernie, the goldfish, is looking lethargic. He may be a little lonely by himself. We lost Bert last year. We may get another fish. Andy wants to call it Bernie. I want to call it Eric. We shall see... I hope Ernie is OK. I don't feel like losing any more pets at the moment.

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