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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

a brief note on The Passion

I feel I should comment further after having watched Sunday's episode, in case it slips my mind. I did like the episode, although it felt rather short. We were both rather thrown initially by the use of different actors for Jesus, but when he broke the bread and we saw the 'real' Jesus I thought it was actually very effective. However, I feel if that technique was going to be used, Mary should also have seen the 'real' Jesus after realising who she was talking to, to give that same spine-tingling impact. In that scene, giving Jesus a mixture of his own words and those of the angel in the biblical account ('why do you look for the living among the dead?') served to cause a little too much confusion.

Speaking of angels, the whole thing seemed to have a tendency to avoid anything 'supernatural' . The resurrection, key to the story, was essential and so was included - but I did feel it wasn't being quite brave enough with Jesus' actions. He is seen comforting the sick but never healing them. I also felt the true impact of the resurrection could have been expanded on - simply by making the episode longer. Nevertheless, there was no doubt in the physical resurrection of Jesus and it wasn't toned down into a mere 'spiritual experience'. I really did feel a 'buzz' at seeing him again. I just wanted to see more of the risen Jesus - which must be a good thing. All things considered, it has been a powerful production which I would certainly recommend.

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Tiggs said...

Oh darn. I wrote a few paragraphs to you and lost it.

The condensed version now:

I'm behind in my reading here. I haven't felt well this week and have mostly been holding the couch down.

Sounds like you had a lovely Easter and I'm glad the play went well. Somehow I knew it would.

I used to lead a youth group. It was so much fun. We had some great discussions, as only teens can. lol

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