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Friday, 14 March 2008

fallen flowers

While sorting out Charlie's hay this morning I did my usual glance around at the state of the back garden. It's been looking quite pretty, but the recent high winds and heavy rain have had an effect. Some of the flowering bulbs are looking quite bent and battered. A few I had previously propped up slightly, and these seemed to be surviving. If I left them there, flat on their faces, the flower heads would soon be devoured by slugs.

I have to confess I am the sort of person who can make analogies about a whole lot of things in life, and sometimes very silly ones, but I was particularly struck for a moment this morning. I thought of how at times in life we are battered and blown around, how we feel bent down and brought low. And I thought of how important it is for us to be 'propped up' at those moments, to have the support we need, so that we aren't eaten up by all the things that beat at us while we lie on our faces. How a little support is no bad thing, and can give us strength for the future. How we often do not see someone's beauty because they are lying face down, like fallen flowers. But lift them up, and they are given a chance to recover, and display all their beauty and colour.

That is what I thought of in the garden this morning.

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