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Monday, 14 April 2008

last word

Andy at his first Deacon's meeting out of three this week. This is not a regular occurence, thank goodness! We're in the process of seeking a Senior Minister, which is part of the reason. (Also we had to change moderator.) Andy has been on his own for over a year now. The chaos of ministry. I, meanwhile, should go to bed.

Charlie leapt on the sofa with me earlier. Was rather impressed. Didn't know rabbits could do that.


lynn said...

hey you guys, thinking of you in this process. We have a new senior pastor now, but there was a long period of uncertainty which I personally found very hard.
God is faithful and its best to take longer amounts of time to wait and pray rather than rush in. Can understand it must be hard for Andy.....praying he knows (a) where his boundaries should be for everything he has to do and (b) that he gets excited too and looks forward to the day a new colleague arrives!

Tricia said...

The first thought that came to mind was, "Charlie, the Super Bunny!" Just put a little cape on him...hee hee!

Lucy said...

Thanks Lynn, I appreciate that. As for Charlie - persuading him to wear the cape might be interesting!

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