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Saturday, 26 April 2008

let's hear it for the cuties...

After taking Tricia's advice and checking out Cute Overload (which did make me giggle, thank you!) I felt inspired to take some more cute pics myself.

And before you ask, no he hasn't dyed himself pink - there was something red hanging on the washing line overhead! He's a very reflective rabbit.

This next one is as close to the 'disapproving rabbit' look Charlie manages to get (at least to date)! It actually looks more of a 'snooty' look to me!

And quite what this expression portrays I really don't know. Captions, anyone?!

Energy rating: 4-5/10

Headache: medium


Tricia said...

LOL! He's as cute as anything on Cute Overload. That last picture says to me, "What on earth is that smell? No, no, it couldn't be me. And since you're the only other creature sitting here..."


Lucy said...

Yes, that sounds about right. Er. The style of caption, I mean, not the smell of me....

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