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Sunday, 27 April 2008

and more from Charlie...

Just hangin' out

Did you think only dogs did the 'head on lap' thing?

Puhleese stroke me...

All right, when are you going to put that thing down and give me some attention?

Your feet are seriously weird.

You think you're so funny.


Tricia said...

Eeyore! I think I mentioned this before on my old diary, but Mike loves Eeyore. He does a seriously spot-on Eeyore impression: "Well, I should've known. It was inevitable." I'm a Tigger fan myself, even though being around Tigger for more than ten minutes would probably drive me insane. Anyway, when we go to Disney World next week, we're hoping to catch up with Eeyore and Tigger and get our photos taken again (see for photos from our last trip).

As for Charlie...he is a most somber bunny. I'm sure he would disapprove of our frolicking in the sun. :-)

Lucy said...'s all one big pretence. He pulls somber faces as soon as the camera comes out. He does quite a bit of frolicking himself, though he may not admit it. He ran exuberantly up to see me yesterday, lost his footing and collided with my Eeyore slippered foot. He tried to be all dignified about it, but...

Tricia said...

LOL! That's like Vogue in one of her silly moods charging at full steam through the flat, running into the kitchen, and then sliding across the floor right into the cabinet doors. And then it's all, "How dare you laugh at me?"

Pets can be so funny sometimes. :-)

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