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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

visiting friends, and rabbit tunnels

Had a nice time visiting Emma & Ed today. Ewan is a very cheerful little chap and insisted Andy played with him most of the time. Evie is a sweet and peaceful little baby at that gazing-around-wiggle-my-legs-a-little stage. We had lunch there and chatted in general. We married a week apart and Andy and Ed both went into ministry at the same time so we have quite a bit in common. It's nice to see good friends. Had Rest Stops 1 & 3 in the car while we were driving (it took about two hours each way) and curled up on the spare sofa at Emma & Ed's for Rest Stop 2. Am rather weary with the travelling but it was still a nice time.

Stopped at a pet store on the way home to stock up and bought Charlie this tunnel thing while we were there. You can get extra ones and attach them with velcro. It's only about a metre long. He had a good look when we showed it to him, tested to see if it was edible, but only went inside when I coaxed him with some food. He may take a while to get used to it. I tried sitting at one end and calling him but he just hopped round the outside to see what I was doing. 'You're supposed to be a natural at this,' I told him. 'In the wild you live in a warren.' He just sniffed my chin.

Energy Rating: 5/10 and decreasing
Headache: Medium

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Tricia said...

If Charlie's like Vogue, he will only run through a tunnel if it's something completely homemade, like paper bags with holes cut in the end and taped together. Vogue turned up her nose at the special, cloth-covered, crinkle bag we bought her for Christmas, but give her a plastic bag from a trip to the clothes store, and she's all happy to curl inside. Harrumph.

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