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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Bernard and the mystery rabbit

Went to the CRE (Christian Resources Exhibition) on Wednesday. Was quite nice to go somewhere different for the day. Didn't come back with loads of things (probably to the relief of our bank account). I was somewhat grumpy because there is a company which sells beads which was originally supposed to be there and I couldn't find it anywhere. Had to buy a guide for £3 which listed the stalls by theme, but it wasn't listed. Then I promptly lost the guide (found it later at home in Andy's rucksack - neither of us can remember putting it there!) I went to a Saltmine play in the afternoon, which was over rest stop 2, but I figured that since I was missing rest stop 2 anyway I may as well be sitting and watching something than wandering around tiring myself. Had to try and stop myself sinking underneath my chair with exhaustion in the middle. Began to perk up towards the end and enjoy myself. But being towards the end, it then ended. Duh.

Just before we left we randomly decided to purchase two rabbit glove puppets. One each - Andy has called his Bernard but I'm still trying to think of a name for the female counterpart...any ideas?!

Bernard and .....??

It's quite interesting taking photos of two glove puppets with no one else on hand. Tried propping them up on a chair but they slumped. In the end, Bernard had to hold Insert Name Here while I took the photo.

Wednesday: 5/10, medium
Thursday: 5/10, medium - low
Friday: 6/10, low
Today: 5/10 medium - low

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