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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

the cause

I have just been on the phone to my mother explaining my new found cause. Initially I found it a struggle to speak. Hopefully as I talk more about this with people I will be able to construct a sentence with out breaking down in tears. But then again, I don't ever want to lose the sense of horror I feel. Haven't felt very well today, but that has not taken away my sense of calling.

I had an email response from Tearfund, who were very encouraged and grateful for my interest. However, they don't do specific work with the women of Darfur in this area. They do however work with women who have experienced sexual violence in the Congo. I was perplexed as to what to do next. I could simply donate to their general Darfur appeal but it is this specific issue and area that has been placed on my heart. (As I look further into this, I do find more and more places and situations that tear at my heart - provoking 'oh Lord, help them...' )

Shared my perplexity with Andy.
'Have you tried World Vision?' He suggested.
I went to the
UK World Vision website and after digging around found what I was looking for. They run women's empowerment centres where women can gather and talk safely, where they have support and vocational training. They learn to make energy conserving stoves, which is something I've been reading about - the need for less firewood means less trips to collect it and therefore less risk from rape and other violence. Within the IDP camps (Internally Displaced Persons) they have set up committees to help prevent gender based violence and also provided counselling and support for victims. They promote awareness of the issues within the wider community. (My potted version of what is written here, under the 'Protection' paragraph - but do read the rest of the page too.)

I was thrilled to read about these as it seems to cover very well my areas of concern - including helping reduce the need for firewood etc - very practical measures to not only help but also reduce further risks. So I have sent them an email and wait impatiently til morning (somehow I doubt they have an all-night office worker especially for crazy people like me who have suddenly realised their purpose and want to use this charity to achieve their goal.) I am interested again to know about giving to specific causes, rather than just a general donation to the work of the charity.

Am swaying from moments of surging elation at finding something I feel is my purpose and profound grief over the situation itself. I can see myself turning into 'the one who never shuts up about the women of Darfur'.

Amen to that.

Energy rating: 3/10
Headache: High


Tricia said...

World Vision's work sounds perfect for you to support. Have you heard back from them yet?

RYC: Yes, I enjoyed the all-too-brief moment of affection from Vogue. I'll take what I can get - lol!

lynn said...

Hello again, missed you around!
Can I publicise my little fund raising venture on this blog too? I will amend the entry to reflect the charity you specify (so from Tearfund to World Vision if and when you ask me to)
Just want to keep encouraging you that you are an inspiration :-)

lynn x

Lucy said...

I haven't heard yet from World Vision but I think it's likely I'll go with them due to the specific nature of their work in Darfur.

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster