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Monday, 5 May 2008

a little on the woolly side

Rather gloomy the first part of today. Me and the weather. Did some crafty bits in the morning to try and dispel the feeling with creativity, but around the middle of the day I just sagged. Felt so physically exhausted my legs were all weak and achy, like when you're getting over the flu. Allowed myself a few tears of exasperation. Frustrating, as I was not so bad yesterday. Woke up feeling alert, and went to church after my rest. This time I got there before the prayers and got to sing some songs, which I did heartily. Gareth led and Andy did a narrative sermon (the diary of Herschel Judahberg!) on the Israelite's journey from the Red Sea to Sinai, which was very good.

Spoke to Emma briefly at the end of the service, which was nice. The new housegroup for our age group is tomorrow night at her place. I really hope I'm not feeling this bad tomorrow, as Andy's parents are also coming to see us on Wednesday. I feel a special link to Emma, since she first walked into church after the service one Sunday morning after going to the vet's with her kitten. One of the stewards directed her to me, and she's been coming ever since. Who says people don't 'just walk into church'?! And now she's hosting this new group.

Feeling a little better within myself this evening, although physically still weak and woolly. Laura called tonight. We discussed the need for the company of friends. Oh, yes indeed.

Energy levels: 3/10
Headache: high-medium

Yesterday: 5-6/10, medium high

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