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Sunday, 15 June 2008

snail's eggs

I shan't be writing over the next few days but I will just say this - do you know what a snail's egg (or perhaps they are slugs) looks like? It was my brother who first informed me of it last weekend. They look like round, plastic peas, of various sizes and shades. I keep finding bright yellow ones. They look fake, but it seems to be true (feel free to correct me). From my current observations, they seem to grow slightly darker and the 'plastic' shell goes crinkly and then they come out all tiny and white. I wonder if it's a particular type that produces these?

But seriously, I never would have guessed they look the way they do. Pointed out one to Bev yesterday and she was just as astonished. Well, that's my fact(?) of the week.

Yesterday: 5/10, medium to high
Todayso far: 5/10, medium

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Bren said...

Came across your blog today on Facebook blogger... Great work. I have added you to my favorite blog list. LOVE your photography and thoughts.

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