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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

doctor, doctor

Felt really, really dreadful today. Had physio in the morning, which was okay, and then my OT called in the afternoon. She instantly detected the extreme tiredness in my voice and started to probe. Admitted that I was struggling with frustration over being so reliant on others, and unable to contribute. She asked if this was making me feel tearful. Squeaked (tearfully) "yes". She wants me to talk to my GP, which led us onto the trouble I've had at my current practice, with my original doctor leaving, then the next one leaving after that. The one I'm with at the moment knows his stuff, but I haven't really broached the topic of my fatigue with him, and not sure I could talk easily. Am considering changing to another practice where I can start afresh, though this is daunting. My OT wants me to make some enquiries, and she will talk to the GP linked to the clinic for advice. So I am trying to do that and hoping it is the right thing. I don't know anymore.

Today: 3-4/10, medium high

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