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Monday, 28 July 2008


My creation for the latest Salt Challenge. I used some freebie papers to create this simple card, with a photo I took back in springtime (wistful sigh for the coolness of spring).

Andy spoke on Sunday on 'and what next' - talking about taking time out in a 'no waiting' culture - how we need everything instantly. If we go to a fast food joint and don't get fast food, our irritation quickly soars. We want what we want now. No wonder patience is such a challenge. It reminds me I need to practise patience in the small day to day things. How otherwise can I practise it with the larger things in life? He talked about asking God 'and what next?' - perhaps putting down a ministry, perhaps taking up a new one. I found this very relevant - mine in some ways has been an enforced rest. Would I have put down all the things I was involved in without it? Would I have had my heart turned in such an unexpected direction? I don't know, right now, where this direction will lead. My challenge is to be both patient and faithful - not losing sight, but consciously waiting on God, having a heart that listens but does not grab for immediacy. A heart that understands the need for growth and maturity. That the destination is only possible because of the kind of journey I have taken.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty card - great choice of paper with the theme and photo.
Perfect verse for this theme too.
Blessings, Joyce

Hazel said...

Lovely card - such a beautiful photo. Thanks for joining in the Salt challenge - a new one tomorrow!

esther said...

well done for getting in there, yep new one set today! gorgeous photo and perfect verse to accompany the theme, thanks for sharing

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