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Monday, 18 August 2008

up to date news on Darfur

I've been looking for somewhere which has regularly updated recent news on Darfur, and am finding the Sudan Tribune really helpful, with current articles every day. So often I find a history of the conflict up to a certain date, or I've been trawling through the general news. I like to have things chronological and up to date otherwise I easily lose track of what is happening!

My brain needs constant feeding to keep trundling on with something...I wish I was one of these people who can absorb things and then call upon them instantly in the future. Like having a storehouse in your head. My mind is like a sponge - it absorbs things but then dries out again. It all leaks out somewhere. I need to keep it wet!

Today: 5/10, medium
Yesterday: 4-5/10, medium - high

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