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Saturday, 4 October 2008


My right hand is freezing, probably because it is the one using the mouse. But then, my right foot is freezing, too. How bizarre. The weather feels very wintry today. Charlie agrees, and looks most gloomy, despite his roomy hutch. May have to give him an indoor outing to cheer him up.

Want to write something profound, but my brain is slushing around not really very capable of coherency today. Unearthed another old poem today; thought I may as well post it.

blank, like a stormless sky
wordless, like a picture's story
what do I feel when I feel nothing
but something, somewhere, somehow

weary, like a traveller

quiet, like still waters
what do I feel when I feel nothing
but something, somewhere, somehow

not sad, not happy
not peaceful, not frantic
just restless
what do I feel when I feel nothing

but something, somewhere, somehow

disturbed, merely by simple stirring
of mind and energy
lonely, and yet desiring undemanding solitude

wanting to feel wrapped up in sunshine
gently cradled in hands bigger than these
warm, unhurried, safe.

On somewhat more mundane subject matters, I notice that the font I use for my entries does not show up on Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other browser except Internet Explorer - being trebuchet, which I believe is a Microsoft font. I'm hoping that the way it's displayed in other browsers is still readable and comfortably readable - I'd be interested to know your opinions. I also think my label cloud doesn't show up either - do you just get a list (it must be VERY long) under labels?

My right hand is STILL freezing. My right foot is simply chilly.

Today: 4/10, low -medium- high (!)
Friday: 4/10, medium
Thursday:4/10, medium

1 comment:

almadr said...

Great poem. and rings a bell for me as it's rainy and cold here too - so i also would love some warm hands to hold me :-)
and as for the font - i use firefox and believe that i can see trebuchet in your posts. at least it's a perfectly readable font.
have a blessed day

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster