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Thursday, 2 October 2008

waiting in the wings

The temperature has dropped the last couple of days, as if the weather consulted the calendar:
oh, October, is it? Righty-ho then...
There is that edge to the air which reminds me winter is waiting in the wings...

I'm up next, he chuckles.

Time to bring out my armoury - my biggest, warmest jumper! *

*for puzzled non-Brits, please read 'sweater' or suchlike!!


Tricia said...

It's starting to get colder here, too, after a relatively mild September. Think I'll pull out my jumper, too. :-)

Tricia said...

RYC: LOL! Yes, "out in the boonies" is the same as "out in the sticks." I'm not sure if it's a regional expression in the Southeast U.S. or common all over the country, but there you go! :-)

lynn said...

now I'm in the east, I'm finding it much colder as well! :-)

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