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Friday, 21 November 2008

the mystery of the leaves

I was in the process of moving Charlie indoors this afternoon, since there is a distinct chill in the wind, when I noted that the corner of the garden where all the autumn leaves congregate was bare. It looked swept clean, which struck me as odd. Then I thought: I'm going mad, Andy must have done it.

This evening Andy went outside to fetch something and on returning to the house said 'have you been sweeping up leaves today?'

How odd. We decided that if we had a prowler, it was the better kind, if it was the sort that swept up our leaves for us....

Today: 4/10, medium
Yesterday: 5/10 (better than expected), medium


Tricia said...

Ahhhh...what Charlie is up to when you aren't looking. :-)

Lucy said...

it is very naughty of him when he's supposed to be tucked up in bed with a thermometer!!

Becoming Me said...

You must have a tidy cat...Charlie is a cat, right? I'm a newbie here.

Becoming Me said...

Duh, Charlie is a bunny and probably miffed that I referred to him as a cat. :-)

Lucy said...

Charlie is a forgiving sort :)

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