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Sunday, 25 January 2009

birds, and other things

You'd think I could come up with a more inventive title, couldn't you...

Uploading photos takes a bit longer these days. The computer moans 'how big?' and twiddles its thumbs irritably for a while despite there still being gallons of disc space. Blogger creaks and moans too, but comes through in the end (unlike Facebook, which promptly throws up and kicks you out entirely until resizing has taken place. Was that imagery a bit extreme?) One could, if one was in the mood, resize everything and then upload to blogger, but one is not, I'm afraid to say, in the mood. Anyway, not much happening garden-wise, but the snowdrops are sneaking through and will soon be blooming:

Bird wise we have some regulars - a pair of blue tits, a pair of great tits (they are hilarious), a pair of robins (that's a first - we didn't even have one regular until the last few months, which is probably why the dunnocks have mysteriously vamoosed). Also my friend the blackbird:

There is a female blackbird but she is much shyer. The robin, too, is rather on the shy side, despite its reputation:

We've had occasional visits from a pair of coal tits and, delightfully, a goldcrest has also visited. The smallest British bird, for the benefit of those unfamiliar with it - with, unsurprisingly, a teeny weeny golden crest on its teeny weeny head which merges with its teeny weeny round body.

Enough of the teeny weenies, I think, and back to some rather lovely-hued ivy on the edge of our front steps:

Church this morning - on being an inclusive community. May, at some point, post my own thoughts on the matter. If I get my head in gear. And we all know what an effort that takes. Still, I'll let it brew for a while - you may get your 'cup of tea' eventually.

Today: 5/10, medium

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Tricia said...

Lovely photos, as always.

I'd be interested in hearing what 'inclusive community' means in your church and cultural context, as opposed to what it might mean over here. :-)

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster