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Saturday, 14 February 2009


Am about to re-emerge...can you cope?!


Lisa said...

Cope - with having you back? :-) Eager!

Sarah said...

Hi Lucy,

Hope you've had a good rest and continue to find the time to do so. It must be so hard. I myself am so tired at the moment and going for repeat blood tests on my high iron levels. My muscles are very achy at the moment and I really dip low around school pick up time till around 8ish. Sometimes, I pick up then - but I think it's my busy mind wanting time for myself after the children have gone to sleep... I then stay up to late and don't get enough sleep at night. I really need to sort this out!

Ah well, I will in time.

Wishing you well,


angeljoy said...

Looking forward to it!

Tricia said...

Yay - bring it on!! :-)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to it :-)

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