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Friday, 6 February 2009

the Big Freeze

Weather chaos in our fair isles this week. My poor sister was stranded all night yesterday in a service station with two other women - thankfully home now, after traversing hazardous conditions this morning with no sleep. The Severn Bridges are closed due to slabs of ice smashing into car windscreens; supplies of salt and grit are having to be rationed:
'Plenty of British grit,' quipped one reporter on tonight's news, 'but not the right kind!'

We Brits seem to have a phrase when confronted with life's unpredictability - after explaining the difficulty of our circumstances and our frustration with it, somehow we feel obliged to add: 'ah well, never mind; we'll get there eventually,' or something similar. (Even when stuck in a car for 6 hours on a freezing night in the middle of a blizzard.) You've got to love us, haven't you?!!

Will post some snow pics eventually. Since I'm having a 'rest' I don't have to deal with the elements in the way some people are having to.

Dartmoor looks like the Alps tonight.

For those of you used to this kind of weather, remember we are not, particularly in the Southern areas of England and Wales, and the Westcountry. It's the speed, amount and spread of it that has caused so much trouble. And our heavily populated country has lots of little villages and narrow country lanes and hills and can get very treacherous when suffering this kind of weather. A lot of vulnerable people are stranded, and power lines have been down in various places.

I have to say it does make a change from all the political headlines and intricate analysis on the news, and the sense of camaraderie is rather nice.

The 'Big Freeze' continues....


Sarah said...

I always love the way the British population club together when faced with a crisis, be it the weather, politics of the death of a member of the Royal family. Somehow the British are at their best when faced with a national situation! Everyone forgets about their personal struggles and pulls together.

Glad you're keeping warm and resting up.

Take care, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey there

First off thanks for your encouragement on the passing of my boy O'Reilly. While it still hurts i feel like i'm finally rising from the ashes. And i got a lovely, if a little snarky, bunneh! i'm sure charlie would love her!

I love the way you Brits say Ah well... i love that slower, "no worries it'll work out" pace and attitude. totally not the way it is here in Southern California.

I hope you are able to get some real good rest on your time off. In the midst of O'Reilly's passing I was working my job and working nights at my best friend's house helping her get moved. She drove away last Sunday with the last of her home, her husband moved up at the beginning of Jan to start a new job and me and another of her friends helped her finish everything. So I am emotionally spent. I am looking forward to some rest as well!

Thankfully Christ offers us that rest... come to Me you who are weary...

have a wonderful weekend

Tricia said...

We could use some of that "ah well, never mind; we'll get there eventually" attitude over here when the weather gets nasty. Actually, we could use it every day!

I'm glad your sister made it home safely. I hope you stay safe as well! :-)

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster