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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

pictures of March

Some photos taken during the past month, which have not previously been posted. Click on the 'photos' label to see older posts containing pictures.


the fence


shining through


funky fungi

from below

magnolia blossom

"kiss me"
(anenome de caen in bud)

Was cleaning out rabbit hutch this morning, quite a time consuming task now Charlie has such a large hutch, and was very aware of being quietly observed. Well, not so quietly at all in fact. The blue tits scolding from the bushes, great tits hollering from the roof, and the goldfinches flying round and round, landing in the tree, considering me, and then flying back and forth again. So delightful to have them as regulars - something that has happened just in the past month, since the new Niger feeder was introduced. Two long tailed tits also passed through. Everything pairing up. Great tits are gathering nest materials...

Today: 4/10, medium - high


Matthew said...

Long tailed tits are beautiful - so delicate. They are my favourite garden birds, even though I've only seen them once in my garden.

When I'm out, however, I always stop to watch them about their lives.

Lucy said...

I love long tailed tits, too. We get the occasional flock of them passing through over the winter, they arrive with lots of chattering and cheeping and tumble all over the place. It's lovely.

DeeDee said...

beautiful pictures...
I have enjoyed visiting your blog today.

Tricia said...

Beautiful photos as always - your pictures always help to soothe me. I wish I could visit those spots now! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, as usual :)

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