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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

how sweet!

I've realised one of the most common phrases I use when by myself in the kitchen is 'how sweet!'  Now, this isn't because I'm cooking up sugary desserts (sorry), but rather because it's the best place to view the garden and the bird feeders. 

The coal tits flit to and fro from the seed feeder; the blackbird attempts to hang off the fat ball feeder - 'how sweet!' I say.

The great tits explore every nook and cranny of the garden with characteristic curiosity. A blue tit sits and preens itself quietly - 'how sweet!' I say.

Watching them have a splashy bath always provokes a comment.  Recently we've been having a male blackcap in the garden.  This morning he took a bath.  'How sweet!' I said.

The other day one of the goldfinches simply perched in one of the nearest bushes and trilled its little heart out.

'How sweet!'


Lisa said...

How beautiful! Our goldfinches don't have such pretty faces.

Kathryn said...

I love watching the birds from my window. I don't get very good pics of them, however.

I'm afraid when i'm saying, "How sweet!" it is usually to myself about something of which i'm jealous, meaning i use it sarcastically. I like your "how sweet" much better.

bunnits said...

What lovely snowdrops!

The goldfinch is beautiful. Ours here in the southeast US don't have the lovely faces, but are a delight to watch. At the museum, they would fly to the barn wall and extract insects living in the wood, then flit away. "How sweet!"

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