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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

on returning

We've just had a lovely two week holiday in Suffolk, which was very relaxing, in a tiny cottage. The doorways were rather low so had to get into the habit of ducking!

I'd write more, but after frenetic amounts of washing yesterday, the ironing pile is about to grow legs and clamber all over the house, which could be somewhat alarming. Andy will come home and find me consumed by an over-enthusiastic pair of trousers. That would be unpleasant for both of us, so I suppose I'd better start tackling it. I'm feeling the 'itch' of wanting to start work (writing) but I shall look at the ironing as my obstacle to be vanquished. On guard, ironing pile! (Yes I've had a holiday and thus reverted to default state = rather silly).


Lisa said...

Welcome Back! Silly is good, any day of the week. :-)

lynn said...

Hope you had a really great holiday. Look forward to seeing any of your great photographs!!

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