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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

on throats and thoughtlessness

After yesterday's suspect rough throat I woke up today finding it hard to swallow.  Can no longer blame it on a manifestation of tiredness, methinks, although sometimes I do get sore throats when I'm tired.

Got out of bed, took decongestant and had a Strepsil moment; am feeling marginally better although throat is very irritating - that rough, uncomfortable sensation that makes you want to frequently swallow - and then wish you hadn't because it hurts.

Am cancelling today's dentist appointment (or rather Andy is, so I don't have to rattle over phone), as it seems somewhat impractical to lie in dentist's chair with mouth open in current state. Also, do not want to gag germs everywhere.  Which is always my second consideration - I don't feel it's merely my responsibility to look after my own health but also the health of others - breathing germs unnecessarily over general public seems somewhat thoughtless of me.

So, I shall watch my progress today in order to ascertain if it is appropriate to have my remedial massage tomorrow - if it develops into full blown cold, snorting and snuffling on a massage table seems hardly practical, either.  If I'm unsure I will text her and ask if she minds me coming in with germ-carrying potential.

Obviously, as a person who works (in the main) from home, I have more flexibility over this kind of choice.  My 'appointments' can be changed more easily.  My throat is not so bad that I would not 'go in' to work if I went out to work (mixing up my ins and outs - outrageous!) but I do believe there should be limits.  If I insist on sharing my germs with people just to prove that I-can-keep-going-no-matter-what-the-consequences I feel that is somewhat careless of me.  Literally, without care of those around me.

So you won't find me streaming and hacking at you if I can possibly help it - for your sake as much as for mine.

Image from stock.xchng - until I can be bothered to take a picture of my own lozenges.  Shocking that I haven't, eh?


Elizabethd said...

Hope you will be better very soon. Stay warm and comfortable.

Anita said...

Get well soon, Lucy. I just noticed your national novel writing badge. I am going to write one this November too. Can't wait.
Did you enjoy the attempt? Was it fun?

Lucy said...

Thanks Elizabeth and Anita!

Anita - yes it was soo much fun. I rarely write fiction and signed up at the last minute - it was like a writers' holiday! I had no idea I had that amount of words in me either!

Sue said...

And a lovely lot of words they were too Lucy .. TY .. As for your throat - well - lots of Vit.C with Zinc (1g in lots of water) at least 3 times a day for a few days - & suck on a spoonful or three of Manuka Honey 10+ if you can get it (Tesco have it & a reasonable price too) .. Manuka is a natural antibiotic & works a treat on sore throats .. I hope you're soon feeling better .. ooxx

Lucy said...

Thanks Sue - did not know that about Manuka!

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