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Thursday, 10 February 2011

opportunities for learning by listening

I just followed this link over to the Jesus Creed which I'm pleased about - another lecture to listen to!  This time by John Polkinghorne, tackling issues of science and religion.  Possibly won't try listening while ironing this time, but since I'm feeling somewhat grotty it may be a good option.  Due to feeling unwell I've not done much writing but instead am practising its sister art of reading - but listening could be even better.

I meant, in my previous post re. Alister McGrath, to add that if you do enjoy listening to this kind of topic, there are various other audio resources over at the Zacharias Trust.

Another place for audio resources is the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC).  Type in 'audio downloads' in the search box and it will give you a list of what's available.

Added later:  check out the audio section of for a whole list of possibilities and topics.

Does anyone else know of any audio gems for those times we want to learn but are feeling to eye-weary to read?


Anonymous said...

There's really really great stuff here:

There's also The God Journey podcast:

Lucy said...

Thanks for the links!

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