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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

bible blogging and upcoming giveaway

This week my hands feel full of things - both concrete and abstract.  Events, appointments, chores, writing tasks are all crowding in.  Not much time for blogging!  I have, however, been trying to keep up with my daily posts over at Thirsty Ground.  For those of you interested in what I'm doing there, the BigBible Project asked me to share it with them - for my post on their site see here.

A head's up for those who may be interested: Zondervan have asked me to review Half the Church: recapturing God's global vision for women by Carolyn Custis James on Looking Deeper.

I'll be posting the review here next week - and, since they've sent me two copies, I'll also be hosting a giveaway.  If this is something you fancy reading, remember to stop by next week and leave a comment!


Red said...

oohh sounds right up my street, will be popping by next week!
red :)

Angela said...

looking forward to the review next week!

Lucy Mills said...

Should be posting it on Wednesday or Thursday...

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