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Saturday, 19 March 2011

an interesting day, and some random silliness...

...and a very boring title to this post, but never mind.

We did have a very interesting day today, the second part of a Core Skills for Children's Work course, today looking at pastoral awareness, spirituality and faith development.  Strictly speaking this emphasises children's work, but most of it is also applicable to youth work.  There are a few of us on the course that do specialise in youth as opposed to children in some sort of capacity and the leader has been very inclusive of the different concerns faced.

I wish I had the energy to write more about this today, but I am utterly shattered.  Hopefully I will be able to pause and reflect some more at a later date.  I tried to drag some reflections from my tired mind for today's entry over at Thirsty Ground; I hope it is not too garbled, but it certainly drained me of any remaining inspiration to write today.

In the meantime, I shall leave you with some general silliness, because I can't resist.  As I am on a diary free diet currently I don't have this to worry about, at least:

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