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Monday, 7 March 2011

looking for something deeper?

Sometimes I find it interesting to see what search terms bring readers to my blog.  I get the strange and the amusing, which I've covered elsewhere - in this post I express astonishment over the words 'help I am desperate for the loo', and writing an entry called 'your wife is a big hippo' went on to prove that occasionally people do type 'your wife is a big hippo' into Google.

I also get a lot of hits on my post 'Easter words' - it stays firmly in my most popular post at all times - because people type in 'words that describe Easter' fairly frequently (more so at this time of year, but not exclusively).  I'm not sure if the post really gives them what they want, but at least its not one I mind people coming across.

But the all time biggies are those mixed up with my title, particularly my old title 'looking for something deeper' - now shortened of course to 'looking deeper', which has a slightly different slant but seems to fit better, now.  The change of title has not lessened the search traffic, however. 

So I can tell you that many people do type 'looking for something' into the search boxes, and I find this somewhat poignant.  (Unless of course they accidentally press enter before they have finished their sentence!)  There are variations: I do get people arriving who have typed in 'looking for something deeper' - I suppose they could be looking for this blog but what about those who type 'looking for something I don't know what' or 'help I need something deeper'?

It goes to show that people do use the blank box to express something other than merely wanting to know which car to buy or finding out about someone or something.

I can only pray that when someone types what could be interpreted as a plea and arrives here, in my tiny patch on the Internet, they find something - anything - that might encourage them, even if only a small way.


Emma Major said...


Stuart said...

I've not been following long, but from what I've read you are naturally encouraging, and so I'm sure they find something helpful.

Lucy said...

Thank you - for your encouraging comment :)

Dreaming Beneath the Spires said...

Lovely prayer. And it is so encouraging when one's words are able to offer encouragement to someone else, months later, and maybe in a different context from the one in which you penned them.

Lucy said...

Yes - wonderful how God can use our words in ways we could never imagine!

"The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."- Richard Foster