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Monday, 6 June 2011

Ascension links

In light of my post about the Ascension last week, I wanted to link to this wonderful post from Maggi Dawn - love it:
Whichever way you look at it, the work of Jesus was to transform us and the world we live in by infusing everything with the presence of God. Heaven meets earth; earth is drawn into heaven.

Lots of bloggers posted about the Ascension - I liked this one over at the Vernacular Curate:

It is easy for us in twenty-first century internet underwritten enlightened life, with books and articles written in their millions, to take all this stuff on the chin. We know all of this because the Bible tells us so. We know how the story after Jesus will pan-out, for a couple of thousand years at least, because we have the benefit of hindsight. 

So consider the Apostles. Consider the Marys. They had no Bible. They had no benefit of hindsight. They had a great big Jesus-shaped hole. 

The Reluctant Blogger also has a Ascension-oriented post that made me smile.  The idea of the church seeing Jesus in their pomegranates I found particularly entertaining...

And this silly faith does speak.

It speaks to the dictators and corrupt bureaucrats of this world, because there will be judgment. It speaks to those who suffer and can find no release, because there will be healing. It speaks to the greedy, because they will lose everything that matters to them. It speaks to the prejudiced, the unforgiven and unforgiving, because there will be reconciliation. It speaks to the fearful, because there will be light.

It also reminded me of our own visit to the shrine in Walsingham while we were on holiday.  Maybe it's my non-conformist leanings but I found the chapel very overpowering and suffocating and had a severe case of over-iconitus. I found nothing peaceful or Christlike about it, instead it felt cluttered, oppressive and gaudy. At least, it did for me! I have a feeling I meant to write a blog post explaining why but didn't get round to it.  Oops.

Oh, all those blog posts I've never written...

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