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Monday, 6 June 2011

an ode to the ironing pile

O! Great pile of washed clothes longing to be flattened
Desperate for those crinkles to be squeezed out and sleeves folded!
O! You have recently become a living beast,
crawling over the spare bed without concern for anything else.

O!  You eat up whatever you come across,
tentacles of trouser legs and even the occasional skirt
a monster made of pockets and collars
pleats and cuffs (actually I'm not sure this pile has anything pleated).

O!  For weeks I have stared at you,
watching you grow, lovingly tending you
and helping you (lots of washing being done)
and now, your time has come.

For here and now, today I announce
that I am about to do the ironing.

Image: from stock.xchng.  Please note that this is NOT my iron.  Mine is ever so slightly more modern.

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