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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

taking the train...

MAY BE rather quiet on the blog front the next few days; I'm heading to my parents for a family gathering over the weekend - hopping on train tomorrow.  Have packed most of what I can today; must not forget train tickets.  Aside from the getting on and off between train connections I rather enjoy train travel.  Sometimes I think - I shall write reams!  But actually often I find it a good space to allow my brain to rumble to a (relative) halt.  Am taking equipment needed for writing with me but do not anticipate doing much.

I feel a little unproductive of late - but sometimes I need to step back and breathe, and recollect previous enthusiasm and vision.  Hopefully I shall return geared up for lots of lovely words.

Be blessed.


Kre8ive Life said...

Hope you enjoy your train ride and your time at your parents and that you return enthused and refreshed. Thanks for popping by recent and for your lovely comment.

Nancy Wallace said...

I love train travel too (providing I have a seat). It's a great opportunity to switch off, or catch up on reading, praying or thinking. I also enjoy watching the changing scenery and not having to drive.

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